Upcoming Schedule

Blue Hooz @ The Camp Store
Acoustic, Blues, Dance
Friday, March 22nd @ 4:30pm
3/22 @ 4:30PM
Blue Hooz has a deep interest in where music has come from. Our repertoire spans 100 years of the evolution of music in America, starting with the Delta blues and Tin Pan Alley traditions, following the musical river as it flows to modern blues, classic rock, country rock, folk and eclectic selections that cross genres. With attention to the harmonies of the vocals as well as the instruments, Blue Hooz creates a cohesive experience of the music.
Dave Preston & the Grown Ups @ The Camp Store
Acoustic, Blues, Country
Saturday, April 6th @ 5:00pm
4/6 @ 5:00PM
Dave Preston and the Grown Ups is a reflection of the familiar Folk, Country, and Americana that we all know and love, but also folded into the mix, to taste, is a blend of original songs that touch on the soul of America with its authenticity and earnest delivery by Preston, supported by his band, the Grownups. He is a mere child without them, he knows this, but he does his best to go to bed early, eat all his vegetables, and put on a good show.
The Camp Store
Folk/Americana, Rock, Piano
Saturday, April 20th @ 5:00pm
4/20 @ 5:00PM
Jerry Gombatto has performed professionally as a vocalist and instrumentalist for over 30 years – entertaining crowds by singing and playing piano, acoustic guitar and harmonica. His performances include well-known songs, unique covers and original music. He has extensive experience and is comfortable performing at all types of events and venues (cocktail receptions, corporate events, weddings, private parties, bars, clubs, lounges and restaurants). He has a strong track record of being professional, reliable and easy to work with. Jerry grew up singing and performing 50s doo-wop and old-school rock ’n’ roll. He later developed a passion for classical music and trained for several years to be an opera singer, earning a degree in music and vocal performance. His formal and informal training laid a solid foundation to support his love of songwriting and prepared him to be a creative artist, both as a soloist and as a member/leader of many bands over the years. Jerry’s broad and versatile musical style spans singer/songwriter ballads, rock ‘n’ roll, honkytonk, country, folk, soul and rhythm & blues. His performances are inspired and influenced by artists such as Bob Dylan, Neil Young, James Taylor, Jerry Garcia, Tom Petty, Hank Williams, Willie Nelson, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ray Charles, Little Walter and many more!
The Camp Store
Folk/Americana, Acoustic
Thursday, May 2nd @ 5:30pm
5/2 @ 5:30PM
My name is Lee Melton, a musician here in Carlsbad. I started playing gigs in 2010 for Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville in Florida as a house solo musician. Then multiple restaurants/bars around the Gulf Coast of Florida and now throughout San Diego and Orange County. I really enjoy all genres music from multiple generations. Some of the artist I enjoy playing are: Jack Johnson, Donavon Frankenreiter, James Taylor, Ben Harper, Elton John, The Eagles, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sublime, Garth Brooks, Morgan Wallen, Tyler Childers, Rod Stewart, Bruno Mars, most 90’s pop rock, CCR and other various artists from 70’s to current.
Arcadia @ The Camp Store
Reggae/Island, Rock
Saturday, May 11th @ 5:00pm
5/11 @ 5:00PM
Arcadia is a 7 piece Reggae band from San Diego, California. We play a wide variety of reggae for Roots to newer Cali Style Reggae. With 2 strong female vocal driving the band, we bring a tremendous vibe and energy to the band. We also like to have fun with the music and we let some improvisation flow form time to time.

Venue Details

The Camp Store Location
7201 Carlsbad Blvd, Carlsbad, CA