Upcoming Schedule

Jolene Cruz @ St. Mark Golf Club
Sunday, December 10th @ 12:00pm
12/10 @ 12:00PM
Joanna Gerolaga @ St. Mark Golf Club
Saturday, December 16th @ 5:00pm
12/16 @ 5:00PM
Johnny Martin @ St. Mark Golf Club
R&B, Pop, Indie
Saturday, December 23rd @ 5:00pm
12/23 @ 5:00PM
Hi everybody! I'm currently booking shows for 2022, and I'd love to be a part of your special day/event. I play all instruments but my favorite is guitar and piano with over 20 years experience - playing a lot of soul music but also doing a lot of oldies, classic hits, and r&b music. -Johnny
Helena Holleran @ St. Mark Golf Club
Saturday, December 30th @ 5:00pm
12/30 @ 5:00PM

Venue Details

St. Mark Golf Club Location
1750 San Pablo Dr, San Marcos, CA