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Lorimar Loft
Friday, October 18th @ 6:30pm
10/18 @ 6:30PM
Mike Chartrand has been a part of the Southern California music scene for over 15 years. Mike most recently toured the mid-West and east coast as guitarist for Anna Nalick. He has also played in numerous established San Diego and Riverside acts such as Endoxi, Offtrack, Astra Kelly,Ariel Levine, Creedence Relived (CCR Tribute), Cosmic Thing (B-52’s Tribute), and Coldplayed (Coldplay Tribute). Mike’s infectious stage presence and spirit always make for an entertaining evening of acoustic madness and singing along to your favorite Top-40 hits. Mike’s goal is for you to leave the venue with no voice and a smile on your face. You have but one job at Mike’s shows: HAVE FUN!

Venue Details

Lorimar Loft Location
42031 Main St, Temecula, CA