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House Wine
Folk/Americana, Country, Pop
Wednesday, July 10th @ 7:00pm
7/10 @ 7:00PM
Awarded – “2016 SONGWRITER OF THE YEAR”! by the Austin Songwriters Group http://austinsongwritersgroup.com/p=2471 “Marshall deftly weaves a bit of rockabilly with a twang and a rock beat. This winning combination showcases his solid songwriting and guitar skills.” – Guitar World http://fanaticpromotion.blogspot.com/2015/07/veteran-austin-based-songwriter-craig.html Austin-based musician Craig Marshall believes that as a songwriter, he’s only as good as his next song. Fortunately, the prolific Marshall always seems to have a next song on tap, with a songbook that goes back thirty-plus years. The latest entry into Marshall’s discography is his sixth album After All, arriving via Big Ticket Records on August 7th. The album’s first single “Something On Your Mind” can be heard now via Guitar World. The record is Marshall’s second outing with producer (and longtime Marshall admirer), Robert Harrison, leader of the critically acclaimed band, Cotton Mather. “Craig Marshall has always kept his artistic sights trained on the loftiest of goals,” comments Harrison. “That is to craft songs that are immediate, timeless, and classic.” Indeed, the songs on After All show off Marshall’s gift for penning and performing the kinds of tunes that helped country-inflected folk to eventually become the Americana genre. His longstanding status as a well-kept secret speaks to his influence, while his skills transcend genre at the same time. “I’m hearing Buck Owens or Merle Haggard in my head when I’m writing a song like ‘After All’ or ‘The Only Sound,’” Marshall says, but in fact, two of After All’s centerpieces, the single “Something On Your Mind” and “Only Till The End of Time” navigate firmly in the Petty-Beatles lane. Marshall’s love of The Beach Boys and The Bee Gees can also be heard, and over the years, critics have cited artists as diverse as Badfinger, Marshall Crenshaw and XTC when describing Marshall. The songs on After All do show these influences, but ultimately a Marshall fan will hear a Marshall song, and the uninitiated will be treated to a warm, familiar sound that plays unique and fresh. SONG "FEW AND FAR BETWEEN" (from CD "Hiding In The Doorway") FEATURED IN 2015 FILM “MUCK” NOW ON FUSE TV AND ONLINE SONG "GOOD FOR YOU" (from CD "Hiding In The Doorway") FEATURED IN FILM "3 REFERENCES" WITH PREMIERE AT THE AUSTIN FILM FESTIVAL 2013! SONG "SMALL REMINDER" IN HOLLYWOOD FEATURE "MY UNCLE RAFAEL" RELEASED IN THEATERS 2012! (currently on video, Netflix, Hulu etc) CRAIG HAS 3 SONGS FEATURED IN FILM "WHEN HARRY TRIES TO MARRY" WHICH HAD A WORLD PREMIERE AT THE AUSTIN FILM FESTIVAL 2010!

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408 Josephine St, Austin, TX