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Culinary Dropout
Rock, Funk, Acoustic
Wednesday, December 19th @ 6:00pm
12/19 @ 6:00PM
Jonathan “Jelly” Ellington is an American guitarist, singer, and songwriter based in Austin, TX by way of the mountains of Asheville, NC. His vocals are smooth and soulful with an edgy guitar style, chiming in elements of raw and expressive rock and blues. Jelly has developed a reputation for exciting and untamed live performances, and has shared the stage and recorded with Grammy Award-winning artists. He has been making his mark on the Austin scene, voted Top 10 "Best Guitarist" in 2018 Austin Chronicle Austin Music Awards. Jelly released his debut album All In, and is currently taking the country by storm on tour supporting the release. “Ellington displays a profound talent and raw passion for music, which is becoming more and more rare to find. With each note, the musician compels listeners to smile and take on his same love for music and life. His debut album “All In” shows great promise within the music industry, bringing an inspiring and unique liberation.” — Indie Band Guru “Jelly Ellington is helming the rock and roll sound for the season.” — Punchland “Keep an eye on this gentleman, because he might just play a role in influencing the next generation of rockers.” — Jake's Take “Jelly Ellington is a classic guitarist in every sense of the word.” — Kelly Donnelly Mixer, Engineer & Producer for Eric Johnson, Mike Stern, Oz Noy, Doyle Dykes
Culinary Dropout
Thursday, December 20th @ 6:00pm
12/20 @ 6:00PM
Josh Klaus was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. Instead of getting a summer job in high school, Josh learned to play guitar and sing for tips. He fell in love with music and began playing regular shows, weddings, and parties. His most recent album is entitled "Heart of Stone" an album about losing love and finding it. You can listen to the album above, stream it on Spotify or purchase it on iTunes. He lives in Austin, Texas with his beautiful wife Rachel, his brother, Joel, and his dog, Rex.
Culinary Dropout
Friday, December 21st @ 7:00pm
12/21 @ 7:00PM
Bob n' Sammie are a musical duo based in Austin, TX. Consisting of Bob Floyd - lead singer and guitarist of the band Beat Bodega, and Samuel Quattlebaum - bass player and vocalist for the band Beat Bodega, Bob n' Sammie bring a fresh, funky flavor to their music. The two friends have been playing together for over 5 years, and have extensive experience playing the acoustic scene in Austin, TX. The band easily has over 3 hours worth of original and cover songs, and can provide their own sound system if necessary. Don't hesitate to book Bob n' Sammie! You won't regret it!
Culinary Dropout
Blues, Rock, Folk/Americana
Saturday, December 22nd @ 11:00am
12/22 @ 11:00AM
-EmJae Ross. Lead Singer and Front Man of EmJae & Co. EmJae Ross is an Americana Rock Singer/Songwriter from Austin, TX. EmJae Ross is a highly gifted, young singer/songwriter born in San Angelo, Texas and raised within the music industry. EmJae spent nearly every day of his childhood in the radio station control rooms and production studios of a family-owned radio business. As a child EmJae developed an extensive talent for drums, piano and guitar. He also developed a lyrical and soulful voice advanced through professional training in classical methodology. EmJae’s musical compass has been oriented by widely diverse influences from all genres and era's. Yet his most powerful inspiration seems to stem from the incredible challenges he’s faced as a young adult. While battling his 20's in the midst of a world riddled with substance abuse, EmJae went through many heavy obstacles that most people will have never have to go through in their entire lives. He was pronounced dead a total of 9 times, as well as disabled at 27 by a severe stroke that left him unable to do anything for himself. During long months of painful recovery EmJae discovered, and believes, that through the grace of God his incredible passion and ability to sing and play guitar remained completely intact. Today, EmJae Ross lives in Austin, Texas where he gigs regularly as a solo/acoustic performer and as a front man with his backing band. In the early summer months of 2018, while co-writing in Nashville, TN, EmJae took another go at fate when he was in a car accident that left him stranded and trapped in a vehicle while it sat on a set of train tracks in the eastern part of the city. The train did what it was intended to do and kept on chugging through the intersection, striking the vehicle head on. EmJae crawled out of the wreckage seemingly unscathed, with the exception of a few areas needing stitching. Healthy now at age 31, having successfully conquered all the demons of his past, EmJae channels his awe-inspiring resiliency into singing and songwriting, sharing a captivating style and a miraculously potent voice that audiences find both emotive and inspirational. “Music quite literally saved my life,” EmJae once told The Chronicle. “It's the only thing we all can connect to. Music is what best defines me. I believe it takes us all to the same place deep in our hearts. In that place, we find a sense of peace, connection, meaning. Intuitively, music helps every living thing self-soothe. It helps us to get through what we're dealing with, through whatever we're listening to. As an artist, and everyone else out there, we all want to be heard. It's innate, but we don't all get to be a voice. That’s what I aim to do with my music, because I am told that it connects with hearts. I was given a gift, and I want to help people with that gift. Hopefully by helping them into that place where they can get connected. " - EmJae Ross
Culinary Dropout
Pop, Acoustic
Saturday, December 22nd @ 7:00pm
12/22 @ 7:00PM
New to Austin, this Florida-grown duo has no friends in ATX, or anywhere, honestly, which is probably why there are only two members. This pop-acoustic duo comes with a refreshing mix of finger-style acoustic, love-drunk piano, and infectious melodies that you'll find yourself singing days later. Strong lyricism and songwriting (mostly about girls who don't text them back) mix in spectacular fashion with the full, eclectic guitar to drive a fresh, clean sound that at least their moms really like. Their Trouble EP is available everywhere you can download music!

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