Upcoming Schedule

Raza @ Atria Golden Creek
Wednesday, October 25th @ 2:30pm
10/25 @ 2:30PM
One of the best live performers in the Orange County and Los Angeles area, the seasoned singer has performed for big corporations such as Pepsi and graced stages in front of thousands upon thousands of fans who walk away with an experience of a lifetime at the end of the night. Raza also released “A Prayer for Michael Jackson,” a digital release that garnered praise from Jackson’s team and estate. “It has been my dream to write and compose lyrics with deep meaning. I always thinks about people suffering from different setbacks in life and believe that what I am doing is the best medium to help those individuals and show them they are not alone.” Raza is a singer-songwriter, composer, and music producer who leaves everything in his art when it is all said and done. Beginning his life in Karachi, Pakistan, he would become enthralled by the singer-songwriters that could do it all while staying open in their music and personal in their performances. While writing started off as being his only lane, Raza would eventually progress into composing melodies, singing the lyrics himself, and also shooting both photo and video. He learned the basics in London before returning to Pakistan, and would become a rising star there before moving to the US in 2006. Throughout his career he has release multiple projects that have garnered great critical acclaim and love from fans in his home country. Hits like “I Think It’s Time” show off Raza’s dynamic range and emotional core that many artists lack in his genre while balances political topics such as racial inequality and various crises present in the world today. He also can combine his heritage with modern pop sensibility to craft bangers like “The American Dream,” and the dance-infused bhangra hit “Tuka Din Din (Touch That Body).” Raza occasionally makes seasonal records like “This Christmas” and possesses a vast amount knowledge on every aspect of the music industry. He can handle every element from production and writing to recording and engineering. https://www.razamusic.com/