Upcoming Schedule

Jason "Gordo" Gordon @ 1st Street Bar
Friday, July 6th @ 5:00pm
7/6 @ 5:00PM
Jason does an absolutely amazing, MUST SEE, solo live looping show. Whether you’re familiar with looping or not, it is guaranteed, his show is unlike any other. Jason has reinvented the art of the “One Man Band”, and truly brings live looping to a whole new level. He plays, records (on the fly), and loops every instrument completely live (rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion, horns, harmonica, lead and harmony vocals). Again, this a live, interactive show. Nothing is pre-recorded! He really is a modern day “One Man Band”. His show includes a wide range of genres that caters to any crowd. He does everything from mellow acoustic music, to Classic Rock, to Reggae, to Motown, to Bluegrass, to Blues, & Originals. Jason tours and performs all over the country. He is currently getting ready for his 2018 Summer Tour which will start in San Diego & then continue up the coast & across the country. Check out additional videos here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH88fA_k4bmpb92FwHFgUJg

Venue Details

1st Street Bar Location
656 S Coast Hwy 101, Encinitas, CA