Yeah Buddy

Los Angeles

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They say he was born in the back of a 53 foot trailer but no one knows for sure. One thing that’s true is that he can call a pack, “Send It!”

Yeah Buddy's Jacobilly Jakebrake is a dude that only knows a few things: kicking ass, burning gas, and talking trash.

With a guitar that sounds like it could catch fire and fiercely honest lyrics mixed with humor, Yeah Buddy’s songs transcend the workingman’s life into the poetry of the open road and the genuine goodness of a cold one at the end of a long day. No doubt about it.

Want to kick up your heels Yeah Buddy style? Jacobilly will drive his mobile stage, Work Force One, to your location and play your bar, truck stop, convenience store, parking lot, front yard, back yard, festival, field or stage.

No gig too big, No hall too small. This show is on the road… Come on!

Let’s do this… Book today!


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