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Los Angeles

In an age of disposable music and computer musicians it has become difficult to find true artists who have dedicated their lives to pushing music into the next phase of sonic evolution. A highly skilled and accomplished guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, producer, and DJ/controllerist, woodrowgerber is aiming to change what he believes to be the future of electronic music.

Chad Gerber’s humble beginnings presented him with his first instrument and lessons at 6 years old on a harmonica taught to him by a local rancher. Soon after he began classical guitar lessons which he excelled at quickly, to the point where he began writing his own music. Once in high school, performing artists and bands around the US began hiring him as a guitarist for tours, studio sessions, and shows, allowing him to expand his musical palate into folk music, hip hop, rock, and gospel. While on one particular tour he was introduced to the music of The Gorillaz by one of the members of the band Mute...

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