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If you’re familiar with the back allies and small venues that are warmed by the best of Seattle's local music, you've no doubt discovered a wealth of talented female singer-songwriters that would make you swear you were in the presence of Norah Jones or Grace Potter. An evening with Willow, however, is far from this. Her performance delivers, on a refreshingly current format, burst after burst of smart and emotional indie-pop flavors.

Willow is a small brunette adorned in sundresses and smiles. She looks more like the kind of girl you would hang out with than an artist who's living a life committed to a character invented for the stage. In other words, she looks extraordinarily average. But then she sings...

When Willow takes the stage you find yourself doing a double take–stumbling to explain how this overpowering experience of feeling and sound can come from such a small frame. When you describe the experience you'll say that it is anything but "small" and "average."...

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