Whitherward Touring Duo
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Whitherward Touring Duo

San Diego

It all started with a question: “What if we formed a duo?”

Songwriters Ashley E. Norton and Edward A. Williams had been through a number of musical endeavours individually - including duos - and the prospect of a new project sounded intriguing. As details were hashed out, the core principles became readily evident: have fun and tour often. With a large stable of strong self and co-written songs and a prominent mission statement, Ash and Ed were ready to embark on a new journey. All that was needed was a name.

Again, a question: “How about ‘whitherward’?”

The name took quickly, gaining a life of its own; within days, a website was created, local shows were booked, recordings were done, and a small tour was constructed. It was exciting and validating; a musical project where the sky was the limit, and no challenge seemed insurmountable.

Then, after surveying the current outlook of their career, a new question arose: “What if we toured full-time?”

It would mean a lot of sacrifice...

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