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"This album is so visceral it should come with a warning!...You can picture this type of music at the ending battle sequence for the next Avatar movie." -[Excerpts from recent album review by The Even Ground]. "...a soaring burst of cinematic vitality, a whirlwind of spirited emotion. It’s a sensationally gripping listen with the stadium ready, orchestral breadth of Coldplay and the heart swelling ardor of acts like COAST and Bastille, but with an extra dose of earthy, unpretentious sincerity." -[Excerpts from review by I Heart Moosiq]. VALKA music features a dynamic range of folk-pop & rock melodies laid on a backdrop of sweeping orchestral and electronic soundscapes. The band was initially an unlikely match as each member had very stark differences in what they brought to the table. Brandon, a folk-pop singer-songwriter, pianist, & Robb, a punk-alternative guitarist with 6 years experience in Feature Film Trailer SoundDesign & Music. Together they formed a unique radio-ready sound...

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