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Tribal Theory

San Diego

Coining the genre Urban Reggae, it defines Tribal Theory’s signature style. With the fusion of their Pacific Island culture with feel good vibes of Reggae, grittiness of Rock, and the soulful harmonies of R&B.
The San Diego based multi-cultural group, formed in 2005, consist of Nico Tuliesu (lead vocals and founding member), Peter Cruz (lead guitar/back up vocals), and Rudy Duenas (bass). Secondary members Ku Hawkins (vocals and founding member) and Benjah Guzman (Keyboards). Half of the members are raised in the large Polynesian community of San Diego and the other half raised on the exotic island of Guam. Keeping a strong hold to their Polynesian roots, they carry it throughout their stage performance and it can be heard in the optimistic sensual harmonies of each track. This hybrid sound has the depth and versatility to span across many different genre and cultures.

Headlining concerts all across the West Coast, Hawaii, the Polynesian Islands, and the tip of Eastern Asia....

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