Tree Machines

Tree Machines

Los Angeles

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Play Song Man at the Door
Play Song At the Wheel
Play Song Late Snow
Play Song The Fire
Play Song Black and Blue
Play Song Fucking Off Today
Play Song Misunderstood

In 2015 Tree Machines gained national attention from the release of their eponymous EP. Their music has been described as raw, honest, and brutally beautiful.

"Their music sounds something like the love child of Thom Yorke of Radiohead and Ben Gibbard of Death Cab for Cutie. It’s haunting and it cradles you as it pushes boundaries without being overly eclectic. The seven song EP opens with the rather ambitious title track “Fucking Off Today” and it lives up to its expectation; it’s not that it’s vulgar, but rather it lyrically encapsulates apathy in a way that is fresh and powerful." - Innocent Words Magazine

"Emotionally staggering " - Diffuser

"I can tell you that debut track ‘Fucking Off Today‘ is special. I can tell you that the thundering chorus packs a punch unlike most others we’ve received this year, I can tell you that the instrumentation boldly and suitably backs-up that striking vocal flourish but I can’t very easily tell you why I’ve been unable to stop listening to...

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