The Younger Brothers

San Diego

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Play Song Oh Brother
Play Song I'm Gonna Make It

The Younger Brothers are comprised of Jeff Starkey, Steve Moak, and Willis Farnsworth. Starting initially in Highschool, the Younger Brothers saw great success; playing throughout San Diego and the North County area. They all eventually left to college and wound back up where the magic all started. They had the crazy idea to reform for a few one-off reunion shows. After cutting an EP, they've worked steadily for the last year gigging over 100 shows and writing for their new album.

Based around the vintage rock and roll sound, they took what the legends and rock gods before them had laid down, revitalized it, and are now running full throttle spreading the true spirit of rock and roll.

Despite being only a three-piece, all are virtuoso's on their own instruments and they are constantly revered as being a driving force in the local music scene. With essence of Cream, Rush, and Led Zeppelin, running through their veins, they are sure to impress not only with their musicianship, but...

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