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The Shadow Heist

Los Angeles

Members of The Shadow Heist have their roots in the LA music scene. Coming off projects with high-profile producers Rae Dileo, Ben Grosse, and Howard Benson as well as numerous TV show placements, guitarist Travis Tucker (of the band Curious) was eager to join longtime collaborator Eric Ediger (Cleaner, Engines of Aggression) in crafting a new collection of heavy, pop-influenced songs with complex keyboard arrangements, and penetrating lyrics.

Harley Bird was a burgeoning singer/songwriter in his own right before initially joining the band on keyboards. He quickly proved himself a natural frontman however- someone who could offer a sultry voice to rest comfortably atop the band’s dense chord arrangements and perfectly complement the album’s impassioned lyrical compositions.

Peter Tilley (bass) and Till Richter (drums) would complete the lineup in 2015.


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