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"We're not trying to be louder, faster, or heavier than whatever else is going on in music right now. We're a rock band, that's it. We play rock music the way we think it should be played- from the heart" says Eric, who grew up moving around East Africa. His travels led him to Nashville when he was nineteen where he met Chad, who also a traveler who lived most his life in the southern United States. The two met while working at a local recording studio in Nashville. Upon meeting Topher and Jason through mutual friends their energy and passion to write great songs collided to from what is now known as THE HOT ROCKS. Their live show is raw, enthralling and emotionally charged. Never holding anything back, and captivating every crowd they perform in front of. They write songs about who they are, what they do, where they're from, and where they're going. With a mission statement like: "energy, sincerity, clarity of vision, creativity"- it is easy to see where their priorities lay.


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