The Gold Standard

San Diego

Upcoming Shows

Herringbone La Jolla
Sun 1/21 @ 12:00PM PST
Nick & G's
Tue 2/6 @ 6:00PM PST
Nick & G's
Tue 2/27 @ 6:00PM PST
Play Song Billie Jean
Play Song Kiss ft. K.Emeline
Play Song Treasure (Live)
Play Song This Lovin (Original)
Play Song Let us stay together
Play Song Thinkin out loud
Play Song Sunday Morning
Play Song Waiting in vain
Play Song That Girl
Play Song LoveSong
Play Song Kiss ft. K.Emeline

The Gold Standard
San Diego, CA

R&B, Pop, Reggae, Rock, Funk/Jazz
We love good music and want to spread that love with you!
Wide array of music. Would love to provide music for your party, gathering, wedding, restaurant, venue, event, etc.)
Available as a Duo, Trio, Quartet, 5-8+ piece.

Kevin Ryan (Bass, Guitar, Percussion Looping, Vocals)
Jemille Vialet (Piano, Lead Vocal)
Able to provide a full range sound as a duo with the use of percussive looping.

(Bass, Piano/Vocal, Drums)
Perfect to get a nice band sound. Fun configuration

(Guitar, Bass , Piano/ Vocal, Drums)
The Trio adds a Guitar! Expect to get alot more fun & funky with this set up.
5-8+ Piece
(Guitar, Bass, Piano, 2-3 Vocalist, Saxophone, Drums,)
Our large full band set up. Very fun with a excellent sound.
Get The Whole band if you really want to get down!

If you are looking for Quality Music and Entertainment for you event, Look no further. We will get the people up...

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GigTown User  March 05 2017

They Kill it. Definitely Recommend

Verified Booking
Steve Altman  January 17 2017


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Gig Town  April 11 2017
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GigTown Venue  February 03 2017
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GigTown Venue  January 31 2017