The Filthy Souls

The Filthy Souls

Los Angeles

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The Filthy Souls, an indie-rock band hailing from Wigan, England, possess a creative energy that drives their music and electric live performances. Their strength of voice transcends any era classification, while still giving just a hint of their many musical influences. Their obvious appeal to the masses comes from, as the Sunday Telegraph Australia calls it, a mixture of “Part Indie pop and part dirty, sexy rock-and-roll!." Dave Green (Vocals/Guitar) became a regular on the U.K. music scene, playing everywhere from the small pubs in Wigan, to the auspicious Manchester Academy 3. Crisscrossing the British Isles, hitting the festival circuit, opening for such artists as Tim Burgess of the Charlatans, Finger Eleven and Cage The Elephant. During this time, Green notes, “We were all about the music, not just playing, but making it a part of our very being, and giving that back to the fans.” Green decided to relocate to Los Angeles. It was in Los Angeles that Green met up with an old...

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