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The Damnsels, a soon to be household name of the Trump era but before they get there a story must be told, one of vengeance and violence or so I’m being told. Instead I am going against the grain, because that how one acquires fame. (Isn’t It?) No one expected these three fools, to do what they did nobody thought they were cool. One day they all met from different backgrounds and places. Eric Hathaway, a man who will raid your fridge but only for beer. Chris Del Pozzo, who is to not to be mistaken for the Pratt, or Hemsworth or Evans and Alex Leniz, a man with a plan and the size of a small tin can. All with one unified goal: Let’s go out and make it. Then out of the blue, they started to play tunes, ones that were piercing and loud, nothing new. Some called them dumbed down Green Day and Blink-182, so they set out on a mission with something to prove. Deep into the woods of Lakeland they went, in search some meaning and depth to their set. Heads were scratched and fire’s not made,...

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