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The Anti-Job

Los Angeles

Surrealist rock troupe ☁️ psych-rocker Amanda Jones, indie-folk guitarist Martin Lopez-lu & avant-jazz percussionist Lee Harcourt.

Surrealist independent rock troupe The Anti-Job formed in 2009 at Vassar College (NY) initially as a project to fuse the musical ideas of psych-rocker Amanda Jones and indie-folk guitarist Martin Lopez-Iu. The Anti-Job's music has been classified as dreamy, surreal, and romantically emotive.

With the release of their debut album Bloom the band found praise from the likes of Henry Rollins with rotation on his program (KCRW 89.9 FM Los Angeles) stating that they were a “must see emerging act!” Shortly after recording The Anti-Job enlisted avant-jazz percussionist Lee Harcourt as a permanent member to join them on tour as well as contribute to future recordings. With the subsequent release of their EP You're Not Real (produced & engineered by Brandon Eggeleston [Mountain Goats, Swans, Tune-yards]) LA Record likened the dream-like quality of their...

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