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Kasson Crooker, aka Symbion Project, has been crafting song-driven electronic music for the last 20 years. He was a member of the 90's electronic rock trio Splashdown signed to Capitol Records, was the founder of the blippy synthpop trio Freezepop, and has had numerous other projects (Larkspur, The Planets Won't Let You Sleep Tonight). His other current side project is the baroque-synthpop duo Rocococo.

Based out of Seattle WA, Symbion Project has released 7 full length albums and numerous remixes over the years. The most current album is Semiotic which seamlessly blends IDM, techno, and downtempo with dark, cinematic production.

Symbion Project is currently playing shows around the US (Portland OR, Los Angeles, NYC, Boston, Seattle).

Symbion Project has composed numerous songs for videogames over the years >> FreQuency, Amplitude, RockBand, and the upcoming AmpHD for PS3/PS4.

2015: Semiotic
2012: Misery in Soliloquy [exposed]
2011: Contrapasso
2010: Misery in...

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