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Summer of Love is the 1960's '70s and '80s Rock 'n Roll Experience. More than a band that pays tribute to a single act but a tribute to the golden age of popular music. We absolutely love what we do and it shows! Summer of Love Band begins the evening with the 1960's Woodstock set of music with tie-dye outfits and music to match. Our second set features the influence of the 1970's "Disco generation" with authentic polyester-style outfits. The last set is our anything goes 1980's music and costumes!!! We have had only happy clients and our five star rating shows that. We are here to have a good time with you and entertain your people. Setup includes front and rear lighting and hazer effects with a dash of VW Buses on speakers and lava lamps, too! Light up the incense and get ready to ROCK!

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Maura Laverty  September 11 2017

The Summer of Love Band was a big hit at our Summer Soirée 60s/70s Party. Their high energy music and style really set the stage for a fun evening. Speaking of the stage, their colorful background, lights and costumes lit up our whole venue and transported us back to the 60s and 70s through music. As soon as the music started the dancing began. It never stopped until the last song. Everyone loved it!!! If you want to have a successful party hire The Summer of Love Band. They're a happening!!!