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Female/Male dual front person Alternative/Punk band. High energy, tight stage show. Friendly, courteous, reliable.

"Suburban Vermin’s new album “Headless Over Heels” is a punk/rock sensation that definitely exceeded my expectations. I’ve listened to a lot of different types of indie music and have to say this album is at the top of my list of go to listens while chilaxin’. Powerful vocals and awesome instrumentals blend in to bring a rich and very real emotional sound that actually well,sounds “real” and not “manufactured” like a lot of mainstream music nowadays." - IndieGoindie

"After listening to Seattle-based Suburban Vermin, I can say punk is back. Not 3-chord power pop. I'm talking full sneer, padlock n' chain necklace, lace up your boots, you haven't had fun unless you left the show with a few bruises-style punk. Do you hear that? We NEED more of this!
In closing, you NEED to pick up Headless Over Heels when it comes out. Fantastic bands don't make this stuff for free, and...

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