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San Diego

Sperø started with a self taught guitarist (Jesse Hofstee) and a classically trained pianist (Hillary Laughery) spending 8 hours straight in a room in Alpine, CA. Together they created a rock and roll style that pulled influences from modern and classic rock that they had listened to through out their lives. Immediately, they clicked, started writing, and soon found a bass player and drummer to join with the same drive and passion as them. With each member bringing their own background and influences to the table, Sperø was able to create a powerful, timeless, and unique sound mixing blues, folk and rock. Their sound has been compared to many artists including Jack White and The Black Keys. They pull influences from bands such as Neil Young, The Band, Jack White and Manchester Orchestra. Sperø’s live performance is where they truly shine. They bring forth an energetic, pure, and soulful stage performance that is meant to encourage and captivate anyone who sees them.
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