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Play Song 02 Unfinished Business_
Play Song 04 Until You're Kissing Me (Up Against a Wall)
Play Song 01 Cloudy With A Chance Of Pain_
Play Song 09 Didn't I__
Play Song 08 Heartbeat_
Play Song 03 Way Back When_
Play Song 10 It Works For You_
Play Song 05 You Promised Me_
Play Song 07 Broken Mirror_
Play Song 04 I Found You_
Play Song 06 Skip Monday_
Play Song 05 Wildfire
Play Song 03 Give Me Love

Award winning duo, Skip Monday, is the brainchild, of singer/songwriter Kaylin Karr, and percussionist Nathan Montella. While Karr provides the songs and melodies, Montella provides the back beat to light up her songs. While they only started as Skip Monday in January 2015, Karr and Montella have been publicly playing and performing music separately since their early elementary school days. The duo has already won 9 awards in the one year they’ve been performing together, and their fan base continues to rapidly grow. Together, they continue to blow audiences away with their undeniable talent, infectious melodies and an avalanche of soul-stirring lyrical creations and touching compositions that capture the listener.

Verified Booking
GigTown Venue  August 21 2017
Verified Booking
GigTown Venue  June 30 2017
Verified Booking
Jessie Lawson  June 05 2017