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SHAMROCCUS is a man of many talents, both professional and musical. His fluent style and unique voice along with his distinctive word play and powerful message set him apart from musical peers. SHAMROCCUS has been pursuing his dreams in the music industry for eight years, and has put out singles such as "Rules," and "Proper." He has released an EP (short album) called "Puzzle Pieces" in 2008 followed by his first full length album "Mind of the Enigma" in 2009. SHAMROCCUS enjoyed his first commercial release in September 2010 with his single "Over and Over," which was distributed by Universal MusicGroup/Hooplamedia.

SHAMROCCUS also spent some time as a radio personality for , where he teamed up with Einstine and hosted the popular "StreetRoccus Show" and worked with known artists such as Jayo Felony, Silky D, Player Ham & Tweed Cadillac (Penthouse Players Clique) and Lil Al B, son of legendary R&B singer Al B. Sure and a host of popular underground artist from the Inland...

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