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Serafia pronounced 'sah-RAH-fee-uh' is a highly versatile soul, jazz and blues inspired vocalist with a distinctive rich tone, surgical delivery, and a FOUR and a HALF octave vocal range. Serafia's style is the perfect blend of all three of these genres....all mixed with Serafia's unique artistry. Serafia seamlessly fuses her style and sound in a genre she likes to call, Velvet Smoke; coupled with her poetic and edgy songwriting, she gives a type of class and sophistication reminiscent of music from an earlier era- and at the same time, sounding fresh and new.

Serafia has appeared on National TV on MTV singing back-up for Grammy Award winning Electronic Duo, The Chainsmokers - see link ( and has appeared on National and International TV while singing the National Anthem for various major sporting events. Serafia spent her time cultivating her musial artistry in Austin, Texas, and now resides in Los Angeles,...

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