Scott Collins


Upcoming Shows

Radio Coffee & Beer
Sun 11/25 @ 8:00PM CST
Saxon Pub
Tue 11/27 @ 10:00PM CST
Vail Brewing Company
Fri 12/28 @ 4:00PM MST
Play Song 01 For Now
Play Song 05 Let's Start Here
Play Song 04 My Old Home (Chicago)
Play Song 03 Bones Are Buried
Play Song 02 The Upside
Play Song 06 Holding On
Play Song Marigold

Can play solo acoustic/piano, with a violin player, or sometimes small band. Can play 30 min to 3 - 4hrs (longer sets are solo). $50/30 - 45min set and $100+/hour + set.

Scott Collins
Singer-Songwriter (Austin, TX)

Scott Collins has had the privilege of gracing the most famous stages in the “live music capital of the world”. The Austin based singer-songwriter brings a blend of indie-folk and Americana to the stage. He displays an authentic and emotive element that draws on personal inspiration, and is reflected in his performances, both live and in the studio.

Collins is no amateur to the music scene, having emerged in 2010 with his pet project, the Suicide Pistols to his tight-knit hard rocking outfit, Southbound Drive. Collins has been fortunate to ride the wave of highs and lows and keeps persisting with his passion no matter what hurdles present themselves.

Having worked closely with Grammy nominated producer Chris ‘Frenchie’ Smith, it was the single...

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