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Play Song Sarah St. Albin - Under the Covers

Sarah St. Albin is a singer, pianist, and songwriter based in Seattle, WA. At the piano, her ballads are reminiscent of the emotional and compositional complexity of Tori Amos and the intimate warmth of singer-songwriters like Joni Mitchell and Joan Baez. Her first commercial release, Small Voice, has been described as blending "upbeat and sentimental pop" with "something dark-and-synthy." Think Fiona Apple meets Sara Bareilles, but Tori won't let go. Almost all of St. Albin's work builds from the piano.

Sarah’s musical career began in childhood, while she was growing up on a farm to the northwest of Spokane, WA. She started by belting out Celine Dion songs to her chickens and singing along to Sarah McLachlan CDs while home alone. She wasn’t permitted to study music in early childhood, but her mother provided her with voice, piano, and guitar lessons starting at age fourteen. She began writing songs at age fifteen. Her first piano ballad was inspired by a local teenager who died...

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