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San Diego

Samantha Savage
Professional Performing Artist
GoGo & Hoop Dancer
5' 3"
2 years Hip Hop Classes
2 years Hooping
8 years cheerleading
3 Captain
2 Coach
7 Choreographer
7 Mix Creator
My passion is music. Growing up in Connecticut, my father was a DJ and my mom was a dancer so naturally I was born and bred to find a place in the music industry. I started DJing when I was 9 and dance fell naturally into my life so hip hop was my style of choice to begin! In middle and high school there's was a very low budget for production with our cheerleading teams so I took each roll in creating mixes we went on to use for competitions and performances. I also made the choreography for a total of 8 years. After graduating I became the cheer teams coach and soon found a ceiling in that career path. Knowing California had more of a demand for my passion I packed my bags and flew across the country to the place I knew I could find my dreams. While I have produced...

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