Sam Bybee

San Diego

Upcoming Shows

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Thu 4/27 @ 7:30PM PDT
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Sat 4/29 @ 8:00PM PDT
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Wed 5/3 @ 6:00PM PDT
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Sat 5/6 @ 9:00PM PDT
Song play light Les Garçons Solitaires (The Lonely Boys)
Song play light Circles In The Sand
Song play light Lorelei
Song play light Making Peace
Song play light Blinding Light

With over 20 years experience playing music and endorsements from Taylor Guitars and Gigtown, Sam has been lucky enough to make it his full time job. He's written and recorded 5 albums, as a solo artist and as a part of 22 Kings, one of which was produced by Alex Wong, producer of Delta Rae’s “Carry the Fire.” He recently got back from a 5th national tour with 22 Kings which has included stops at Oysterfest, SXSW and NAMM, among many others..

GigTown User  February 10 2017

You're the man, Sam!

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Doug Wetherald  January 15 2017

Sam is a talented professional musician.

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Kerry Bohanon  April 09 2017
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Kerry Bohanon  March 19 2017
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GigTown Venue  February 08 2017