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Ryan Kwan

Long Beach

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Ryan Kwan is a solo singer songwriter based in Los Angeles County. His primary instruments are Piano, guitar, didgeridoo, his voice, and bass. Ryan has been active in the music scene as early as 2007. In the early years Ryan would write songs on the bass guitar and post them on myspace to share with his friends. He jammed with various musicians in the South Bay area where he resided. During his schooling at Los Angeles Harbor College, Ryan met Davey and shared and jammed a few songs. Later some of those songs became part of a larger project Y2Pig. Ryan has performed in a punk band named Y2pig with Davey(Singer), Ian(Guitar),Ryan(Guitar and Bass) and Tim(Drums) Vinny(Drums). He played Bass and Keyboard in the band. They recorded an album that was never released.

Ryan studied music at Los Angeles Harbor College learning about music theory, performance, piano, guitar, and singing. Some influential teachers there where...

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