Richard Spasoff Stand Up Comedian & Psychic Medium
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Richard Spasoff Stand Up Comedian & Psychic Medium


Richard Spasoff is a Comedy Show Headliner who also happens to be a Professional Psychic Medium! ~~ In his one-of- a-kind take on Comedy, Richard incorporates both punch lines into Psychic readings while drawing on unique real-life experiences in venues large and small! Some of these unusual experiences include: a marriage that didn’t last 30 days because the Bride woke up, a Father who was a cross-dresser that also hired Hitmen, being hired as a Masseuse and Psychic Medium in a Red-Light District, a local Police Academy that was never quite the same after Cadet Spasoff nearly shot an instructor accidentally, a first apartment without a door, and bring hired to give Massages to “wise guys” or “goodfellas”!!


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