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I am a pianist/singer who loves to be bluesy AND classical.
My favorite music is rock & roll with blues and soul infused.
Classical training has given me a deep appreciation for being colorful in the way I play. I like to create "string" lines and other orchestral timbres while I'm comping a basic blues or rock progression. My singing has been compared to Joss Stone and Sade.

Martha Leahy  May 01 2018

Since arriving at our church in December 2017 as Music Director, Rebecca has graced us with her versatility. She can play classic church songs on the organ, easily transition to the keyboard for a contemporary song, and accompany a choir or a featured soloist with her stunning voice and musical instincts. She successfully co-hosted a gospel concert here in collaboration with the First Baptist Church in Saugus. She is hosting a Women’s Day Tea and Sing-a-Long on May 20 to honor the work of women around the world and in our own families. She works seamlessly with me as the Pastor, brainstorming ideas for songs that reflect the theme of Sunday worship. Rebecca has brought new life into our congregation with her vision, voice, virtuosity, and versatility. We feel so blessed!

James Plaisted  May 01 2018

Excellent pianist, excellent vocals. Breathtaking beauty, and a sparkling sense of humor. Highly recommend.

Pamela Edwards  May 01 2018

Very talented and knowledgeable of her skill. Amazing artist to have at your event!

Radmila Neal  May 01 2018

Rebecca Harold is a confident and talented singer/songwriter/artist. She would be an asset to any event.

Rebecca Harrold  May 01 2018

“This is a brilliant recording in every way, and I’m deeply proud to have been a part of it.” —Will Ackerman, Producer