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San Diego

Rayhan is a young up-and-coming singer-songwriter out of San Diego, California whose developed a versatility which separates him from other artists. Having begun exploring his talents in the 6th grade, his artistic abilities have grown to encompass a range of musical genres including R&B, Hip-Hop and pop.

Faced with a difficult home life throughout his childhood, Rayhan was forced to find himself in the chaos of overcoming his family’s unique challenges. It was within this internal struggle that he used the combination of sport and music to search for his self-identity.

Passionate and dedicated to his craft, the emerging artist was driven by his former boxing coach Fahness Lutalo, who was tragically shot and killed in 2016. Together, the duo went on a five-match winning spree against top-ranked opponents from all over the United States. It was in training with Fahness where Rayhan learned that he had the drive to master any craft; at which point he directed his focus to...

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