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Qu33n Mandy

Los Angeles

Qu33n Mandy was Born (Amanda Thyer Davis )from los Angeles,ca Born(May,1 1985) Qu33n started rapping underground in 2003... Qu33n Mandy release her first single "TURNT" in 2016 and then Qu33n released more singles like "BLACK QU33N"& "0-100 NO LIMITS" in 2017..Qu33n Mandy released her first album in 2017 called"LIFE"... Qu33n Mandy just signed to Bentley Records luca dayz label.Qu33n Mandy always was love music and started writing music..Qu33n wrote some of her music like"No control " & bounce dat and angel of mines... Qu33n main professions is off the dome chopper rapping... Qu33n Mandy released " MILLION BROKEN HEARTS " with Bentley Records on 08/30
Qu33n Mandy also release " royal riches with Bentley Records


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