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Los Angeles

LA native electro-pop artist, Pontea (pronounced Pon-ta) radiates fervor as her heart lives in the place that broke away from her familiar cultural norms. Growing up in a fairly traditional Persian-American home, Pontea went through her early life conflicted between opposing expectations. Throughout her youth, she would perform as a dancer, actress, and musician, but her aching for music truly took over after receiving her BA in Psychology from UCLA, when she decided to break through the limitations of a woman’s role in her culture and pursue music full time.

Building on a loyal fan base stemming from a handful of cover videos that have garnered over 100,000 views on YouTube and having released her debut EP “Unpredictable,” it’s no question that Pontea’s DIY following is on an upward swing. She has performed coast to coast, known for her captivating and multi-form shows that feature spontaneous beat boxing, serving as a testament to her eclectic flare. Her live performances...

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