Perry O'Neal

San Diego
Acoustic Guitar

Upcoming Shows

San Diego Bay
Fri 5/28 @ 5:30PM PDT
Play Song I See Stars by Perry O'Neal
Play Song Self-Worth by Perry O'Neal

Perry O’Neal, international singer and pianist, is an American Idol Alum from Season 10, based out of San Diego, California. He holds a BA in Music and is a prolific singer, pianist, songwriter, Master of Ceremony, actor and model. He is well-versed in Pop, R&B, Jazz, Blues, Classical, Country and Gospel. He originally taught himself to play piano in his tender years until receiving formal training in college. He has been electrifying audiences all around the world in Costa Rica, Portugal, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Germany, Mexico, Panama, Nicaragua, and numerous venues around the United States. From executive venues, country clubs, top notch weddings, corporate happy hours, etc. he has a ton of repertoire to appeal to any clientele you may have. Just think Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Bruno Mars, Journey, Kings Of Leon, Earth Wind & Fire, Elvis to Motown and back. Perry will take you on a nostalgic musical journey that you will never forget!

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Gigtown Pro  April 26 2021

Such an entertainer!

GigTown User  March 21 2019

The members loved him and we definitely want to have him back! - El Niguel Country Club

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Gigtown Pro  May 03 2021
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Gigtown Pro  April 26 2021
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Gigtown Pro  April 12 2021