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Patrick Fleming


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Start with a helping of Southwestern-inspired Americana.
Infuse a bit of East Coast/New Jersey flavoring.
Add a dash of 'Bono'-esque insight and showmanship.
Spice up with memorable melodies and musical hooks.
Finish off with a splash of heartfelt and tongue-in-cheek lyrics.

That, ladies and gentleman, IS Patrick Fleming. Enjoy!

Patrick Fleming is a singer/songwriter from Austin, TX by way of Hoboken, NJ. With influences as far flung as Johnny Cash, U2, Collective Soul, Pearl Jam, ELO, Roger Clyne and The Peacemakers, Muse, Green Day and The Beatles, Patrick writes everything from Modern/Alternative/Pop Rock to Americana/Alt. Country. With four CD's to his credit - 'Connected...' (2000), 'Naked' (2002) and 'Reach For The Sky' (2004), 'Reboot' (2013), Patrick's music has been heard on professional sports video's around the world through Accu-Stats Video Productions, while. locally, he appeared in a series of Mazda South Auto Dealership television commercials. He can also be...

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Ed Culhane  December 14 2020

Kick-Ass Stage Presence. Thanx for all of it kid.. Cya on the other side.. Never Forgotten..