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Nicki Bove

Costa Mesa

Born and raised in Philly, her love for soul music was in her veins. After graduating with a vocal scholarship from Berklee College of Music in 2010, Nicki continued her journey to the West Coast where she has been passionately singing, writing, mixing and creating music. Nicki developed her passion for singing by listening to a steady diet of Motown and R&B, Fusion, Jazz, and of course Soul! Nicki and her band always get the crowd going with a signature sound of R&B and soulful beats with jazz elements that translates seamlessly onto the dance floor and with the audience. From weddings to nightclubs, hotels, and back-to-back touring to long nights in the studio, Nicki's success can be attributed to her passionate workflow.

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Gigtown Pro  August 10 2022
Acoustic Guitar