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Just as the year 2015 was winding down, Doc Coyle of VH1 wrote an article called “10 Bands That Show Why Hard Rock May Be Getting Good Again”. Listed were the likes of rock-staples Failure and more recent risers like Nothing More and Bring Me The Horizon. Then there was a video clip of a relatively unknown band, a clip that danced between the New York City landscape and an enthralled crowd laid out in front of four musicians, a clip Coyle couldn’t help but heap his praises upon.

For New York City’s rock export MoTHER, crowds like that are just another day at the office.

MoTHER may have been on the radar in 2013, however, their story goes much farther back. The beginnings of the band follows the friendship of vocalist Nick Fargo and bassist Johnny Bass, who have spent the better part of a decade drinking and playing music together. It took a bus from
Pennsylvania to New York, five hours of jamming, and a late-night standoff that brought guitarist Mike Gowen into...

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