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Michael Howard is a songwriter born and raised in the wilds of Alaska. The philosopher and poet John O'Donohue said that the outer landscape of the land that we live in is reflected in our inner landscape of the soul and then reflected back out in the life of the music from a region. Michael Howard’s music is the shape of the Alaskan landscape.

As an up and coming songwriter touring the country nonstop following the national release of “The Martyr and the Magician” (2015, Independent), he has quickly gained a reputation as a timeless storyteller in the tradition of the American folk singer, and critics regularly compare his unique voice to great artists such as Cat Stevens and Neil Young. "Howard's voice is so different sounding, he’s transportive, it’s a crafted thing of remarkable beauty, a record for a sunny moment in one breath, the next your darkest hour...“You feel its greatness, it feels important...it’s so difficult to write words to qualify how good, how vital this record...

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