Micah Marcos


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Culinary Dropout Austin
Sat 3/23 @ 11:00AM CDT
Play Song Micah Marcos - We All Wanna Be (Live 2016)
Play Song Happier/Without You (Ed Sheeran/Kaleo Cover)
Play Song Micah Marcos - Crushing On You (Demo)
Play Song Sunny (Bobby Hebb Cover)

Born and raised Austinite who brings the energy. Within the last year has played roughly 100 shows between Austin and Dallas, some solo and some before A-listers such as Fetty Wap at the House of Blues in Dallas. His diverse style and talent allows him to be welcomed everywhere from hip-hop venues and dive bars, to coffee shops and upscale cocktail bars. He's garnered over 500,000 Facebook video views within the last year and within the same timespan his fan base has skyrocketed from just over 400 to well over 3,000 with no signs of slowing down.

Has top of the line PA
-2 QSC K10s
-1 Electro Voice elx-12 (monitor)
-12 channel Yamaha mixer
-8 channel backup mixer

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GigTown Venue  February 03 2019
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GigTown Venue  December 30 2018
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GigTown Venue  December 07 2018
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GigTown Venue  October 05 2018
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GigTown Venue  September 28 2018