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Play Song 32 Degrees n the Desert
Play Song 9. SMILE
Play Song Dertah_-_DJ_Don-D_Metaphysical_1
Play Song Dertah_-_DJ_Don-D_Metaphysical_1

Conscious human life storytelling in rhyme. METAP7 has been performing for more than just hip hop audiences in his past. The college scene seems to like the mundane intelligence METAP7 reflects when on stage. With music that pumps up the listener to where they ''gotta dance'', doing shows for the college crowd soon turns into a party in no time. Having some music that tempos to the level of house/trance, METAP7 rocks the club scene well. Still bringing the ''neo-hippie'' like attitude from the late 60's-early 70's, METAP7 simply just wants his audience to recognize THE MOMENT, as the greatest thing on this planet. In this scope we are all as one. At you can watch music videos, listen to music and learn more about METAPHYSICAL online.
METAP7 has performed for hundreds of people at one time in his past!! Those opportunities were mainly at high school rallies in his youth(Phil Fresh).


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