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Recently MAYVE's 'Animals EP' received honorable mention for the accolade of "best underground album of the week" from Nerdist and was written up by Louis Pratt at Fest Find, Katie Canette at NYSmusic, Tina Roumeliotis at The Daily Listening, & Fran Chismar at My Music, My Concerts, My Life. You can listen to MAYVE's 'Animals' EP at the following links:


Baeble Music says, "I listen to so much music that I appreciate more that I enjoy every day, and the sheer, visceral dance-hall delight of the opening synth/percussion of 'Hearts on Fire' is remarkable. Taking the ear-burrowing synth melodies of Passion Pit with the vocal haze of Neon Indian, 'Hearts on Fire' finds the sweet spot between synthpop bombast and chillwave. It really shouldn't be doable, but MAYVE makes it seem effortless."


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