Mason James
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Mason James

San Diego

Born and raised in San Diego, near the Point Loma and Ocean Beach area. I grew up with a passion for music. I love playing music, so literally "I will kinda play anywhere." I have played all kinds of shows, from big stages to my dad's backyard. My dad growing up as a DJ has influenced me from the "get-go" by what I listen too and am influenced by. And of course, I believe I have the genes from my mom, who grew up as a singer and still performs to this day. Currently in a Motown cover group called "The Corvelles," I can't help but to groove with the vibes of my mom. (haha?)

That's not all there is to know about me. That's actually a very small portion of me. Get to know me. Never be afraid to be like "Oh...hey mason."

Hope you enjoy my music. :)


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