Mariea Antoinette
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Mariea Antoinette

San Diego

Unless you heard yourself, you would never believe the strait-laced, classical harp could bend in any forward motion toward R&B funk, much less possess seven an ounce of sex appeal. Mariea Antoinette changes all that in her Septe.25, 2015 special edition album release, Straight From The Harp. The San Diego urban-jazz harpist (yes, urban- jazz) utilizes all the pertinent styles at her disposal to loosen up her classical instrument, from street smart EDMhip-hop, sexy, luscious R&B vocals. Mariea Antoinette is living proof that a visionary artist can bust out of traditional boxes on pure and ability alone. - Carol Bank Weber AXS Contributor.
The modern touches are in evidence taking the harp to places you have only heard in dreams. A revamp of a set that had no trouble making its bones the first time around, this inspirational/aspirational player hits out of the ballpark
so strongly the ball might never come back to earth, the playing comes together in a way that blows your mind...

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