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Low Hums create music in a few different modes, all broadly falling under the psychedelic umbrella (or mushroom cap, I suppose). From breezy ’60s pop to driving fuzzed-out rock to spacey, hazy tone pieces, to psych folk. - Levi Fuller

Looking for gigs that pay well ! Also fun parties or all kinds, festivals, tour support for national touring bands, club shows.. ect. We've played every type of venue.

We are a four man band , so we have drums, bass, guitars, vocals .. love old vintage gear.. sometimes bring weird lights, smoke machines and costumes. We typically don't bring any kind of PA gear, unless it's a small party.

Everyone has been playing music a really long time.

We played in, and or have been members of : band of horses, earth, alela diane & wild divine, sera cahoone, evil tamborines, bad things, marissa nadler, poor moon, J Tilman ( pre FJM ), Temple Echos, Zoe Muth & the lost high rollers , and many many ( many ) more.


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