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From the music capital of the world Austin, Tx, alternative blues rock singer songwriter Lloyd Miller is building a reputation as an artist with staying power in an ever changing music business.

In a massive sea of alternative rock bands, Miller stands out not only with his soulful vocals and virtuoso guitar playing, but also his positive lyrical message that stems from his lifelong struggle as a recovering addict.

GigTown User  October 25 2018

I have been following Lloyd Miller for several years now. His guitar skills always blow my mind and his voice has a depth that is hard to find. Whether he sings his own songs or covers, every song is chosen to flow seamlessly within the set and to connect with the audience. When singing covers, Lloyd's choices range from different genres and decades and are always top-notch. One of my favorite Austin-based musicians!

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GigTown Venue  May 24 2018
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GigTown Venue  August 28 2017
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